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Version: 0.2.x

Performing mutations

Enabling mutations

In order to perform mutations, the Ceramic instance used by the ComposeDB client needs to be authenticated. This can be done by calling the setDID method on the ComposeClient instance with an authenticated DID instance:


Available mutations

Mutation functions are automatically generated based on the Models present in the runtime Composite definition, using the create and update prefixes, all wrapped in a top-level Mutation object.

Mutations options

Update mutations can be provided an options object with the following fields:

  • replace: Boolean: by default the update logic performs a shallow (1 level) merge of the document contents, so existing contents of the document are not removed unless explicitly changed. When setting replace to true, the document contents will be fully replaced by the contents provided in the update mutation.
  • version: CommitID: version of the document the update should be applied on. If set, the update logic will load the latest version of the document and throw an error if it doesn't match the expected version.