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Version: 0.3.x

Ceramic configuration

Ceramic functionalities supporting ComposeDB are currently considered experimental and the Ceramic node must be explicitly configured to support them.

Environment variable

The CERAMIC_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_COMPOSE_DB environment variable must be set to true to run a Ceramic node with ComposeDB support, for example:

CERAMIC_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_COMPOSE_DB='true' pnpm dlx @ceramicnetwork/cli daemon

Admin DIDs

ComposeDB queries support relies on Ceramic nodes indexing documents using the models specified in the composite. In order to notify the Ceramic node of the models to index, the ComposeDB tools need to interact with restricted admin APIs on Ceramic.

Calling the Ceramic admin APIs requires an authenticated DID to be set in the configuration file, which can be generated using the following ComposeDB CLI commands:

Generating a DID private key

The did:generate-private-key command of the ComposeDB CLI can be used to generate a random private key for a DID:

composedb did:generate-private-key

The generated private key must be securely stored so it can be used when interacting with other commands of the ComposeDB CLI when set as the DID_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable or --did-private-key flag, and development tools APIs.

Getting the DID value

The DID string value can be accessed based on a known private key generated in the step above by using the did:from-private-key command of the ComposeDB CLI:

composedb did:from-private-key [hexadecimal-encoded private key string]

The DID string can then be set in the Ceramic node configuration file as described below.

Configuration file

The Ceramic node configuration file, which defaults to ~/.ceramic/daemon.config.json on Linux, macOS and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), needs to be edited to specify the admin DIDs allowed to set models for indexing, as well as the indexing configuration:

"http-api": {
"admin-dids": ["did:key:..."]
"indexing": {
"allow-queries-before-historical-sync": true

If your Ceramic node is already started, it will need to be restarted for the changes to the configuration file to be applied.