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Version: 0.4.x


Explore the many ways to connect, learn, and participate in the ComposeDB community.

Chat and Discussion

  • Forum - Get help, ask questions, discuss improvements
  • Discord - Chat in the #ComposeDB channel
  • Bounties - Get paid for learning and building on ComposeDB

Social Media

  • Twitter - Follow us @ComposeDB for timely updates
  • YouTube - Subscribe to watch talks, tutorials, and more


  • Ceramic Blog - Discover updates and educational content for developers
  • Newsletter - Subscribe to receive important announcements


  • Community Calls
  • Calendar

Ways to Contribute

Partner Guides

Ecosystem Grants

If you’re interested in a grant feel free to reach out in the #bounties channel. We welcome all submissions, but we’re especially looking for contributions in the following areas:

Catalog GUIWouldn’t it be great if developers could access the model catalog with a UI instead of the CLI?
Sample Apps & ModelsInspire other developers by building sample apps & data models, like reputation credentials, social apps, or DAO tools.
Easy Node SetupMake it easy to deploy ComposeDB on a node - we wrote a proof of concept you can build on. Bonus: Terraform templates for cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and DigitalOcean.
Config ScriptWe’d love to make Set up your environment even easier. Want to create a lightning fast script?

Open source contributions

Contribute to the ComposeDB repository: here are some packages to get started

Project showcase

  • Reach out on the Ceramic Discord channel #ComposeDB to show off your project on ComposeDB