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Version: 0.2.x

Module: CLI

ComposeDB CLI - the Command Line Interface that enables interactions with a Ceramic Node

You can check the Getting Started Section for some examples (remember to switch to the 'Using the CLI' tab!)

You can also check documentation for particular commands to see more detailed usage explanations and links to examples


npm install @composedb/cli


The CLI exposes commands with different prefixes which make it possible to:

Command PrefixDescription
composedb did:*generate private keys and create DIDs
composedb composite:*create and interact with Composites
composedb model:*create and interact with Models
composedb document:*create and interact with Documents
composedb graphql:*generate ComposeDB GraphQl Schemas and run a local GraphQL HTTP server


To see the list of all available commands with explanations, use:

composedb help