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Version: 0.2.x


Developer preview

ComposeDB packages are still under development and only released as a developer preview, they are not ready for production use.

There may be breaking changes between v0.x versions before a stable v1.0 version is released, causing models or composites created from previous versions not to be compatible.


ComposeDB runs on top of Ceramic. Running a local Ceramic node is needed for app development.

Development tools

ComposeDB provides libraries and a CLI to help support common development needs.

The CLI provides commands for the most common flows, while the libraries can be used in scripts to support more complex use-cases.


pnpm add -g @composedb/cli@^0.2.0


ComposeDB exposes two complementary development libraries: @composedb/devtools for generic interactions with composites, and @composedb/devtools-node with additional functions to interact with the local file system and start a local HTTP server.

pnpm add -D @composedb/devtools@^0.2.0 @composedb/devtools-node@^0.2.0

Runtime libraries

The @composedb/client package exposes the primary APIs to interact with Ceramic based on a Composite definition.

pnpm add @composedb/client@^0.2.0

Using TypeScript

You may need to install the @composedb/types package used by the different libraries if you use TypeScript.

pnpm add -D @composedb/types@^0.2.0