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Version: 0.3.x

CLI: did:* commands

The group of CLI did:* commands enables interactions with DIDs and private keys

DIDs are identifiers for Ceramic Accounts

Command List


composedb did:generate-private-key

Generate a new random 32 byte private key and return its base 16 representation

You can use this command to generate a fresh private key which you can later use a the --did-private-key flag to authenticate other ComposeDB CLI command calls

$ composedb did:generate-private-key

composedb did:from-private-key

Create a new DID from a private key passed either as an argument or as a value of the flag

You can use this command to see what DID corresponds to a given private key

$ composedb did:from-private-key KEY

--did-private-key A random 32 byte private key represented as a base16 string (pass only if not passed as positional argument)