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Version: 0.3.x

ComposeDB Docs


ComposeDB on Ceramic is a decentralized, composable graph database! It provides a set of Typescript libraries and tools that allow developers to rapidly build applications on Ceramic — including the ability to discover, create, share and reuse composable data models using GraphQL.


ComposeDB on Ceramic is a composable graph database built for Web3 app developers:

  • Graph database - Store and query data from a powerful graph, similar to Neo4j’s property graph database
  • Easy to use – Write your models as GraphQL schemas and connect your app using intuitive GraphQL APIs
  • Data composability – Reuse models from the marketplace to bootstrap your app with data, unlocking limitless data composability within ComposeDB’s open data ecosystem.
  • Sign in with Web3 – Securely authenticate users with wallets from Ethereum, Solana, and other popular blockchains.
  • Powered by Ceramic – ComposeDB is built on Ceramic, a mutable layer for IPFS with anchoring on Ethereum for finality.

Build powerful Web3 applications

ComposeDB on Ceramic powers Web3 applications and use cases, such as:

  • Decentralized identity – profiles, credentials, reputation systems
  • Social networks – social graphs, posts, likes, comments
  • DAO tools – proposals, tasks, contribution graphs
  • Information graphs – knowledge graphs, science graphs
  • … and so much more